About PUCK

Hi there, it’s Puck! Presentation expert and female leadership advisor.

As business consultant, I’ve been crossing the globe supporting industry leaders and lady bosses everywhere to present themselves and their messages in the most effective way. Mixing content, storytelling and audience awareness into powerful presentations that truly flow, and naturally connect.

I strongly believe that personal and professional growth depends on the ability to present yourself and your vision to the right audience in the most alluring, authentic and impactful way. And that true equality at the highest levels of business will trickle-down to better services and products, higher returns, healthier company cultures and happier societies. It has been my mantra for years, and what fuels my ambition every single day.

I’m a bit of book addict, newspaper fanatic and I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning, but rather have that Earl Grey tea goodness every day. My interest in the position of women you can also find in the collage art I create, out of paper of course. Join me for a plane ride or let’s sit down together and find out how I can assist you or your company in any way.

Contact me at puck@beampresentation.com or use the form on the contact page.