Oh, (hell) yes!
We need to take on inequality, male dominated boardrooms and glass ceilings.
It’s real, it’s happening, and it’s about time we fix it.

But have you reached your ceiling yet?
Are you able to present yourself, and your work, in the most authentic and powerful light?
Without the need to prove yourself, or ‘act like a man’.
Hiding your inner truth, your talents and all that unused potential.

Never lose touch with who you are and what makes your female heart tick.
Take ownership of your influence.
Catalyse those feminine strengths and incorporate your masculine qualities.

Get ready to embrace your individuality and build on your intuition.
Because those women who allow themselves to shine, regardless of their circumstances, don’t feel like they are outsiders looking in.
And they never ask for permission.

You can call them sassy, fierce or sophisticated.
But they know that equality is not something that has to be earned, asked or excused for.
It’s what happens when you present yourself in such a real, balanced and powerful way,
that those in charge can no longer ignore you.

Own your spotlight.
Take your stage.